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Oct 25, 2022 - Jan 18, 2023

Healing the witch wound

  • 86Days
  • 13Steps


Healing the Witch Wound and Embracing Yourself What is this: a 12 week professionally facilitated community circle experience for women and femmes (online and in person options available) We will Focus on: 💖connecting with community 💖the witch wound (you don’t have to identify as a witch to carry this wound 💖re-member the history of witches and goddess traditions 💖our own cycles, the moon cycles, seasonal cycles and celebrations 💖elements and directions 💖guided journeys to connect with our gifts, make peace with them, and share them with the world 💖re-wilding; nature and the elements 💖divination tools 💖tapping into our deepest desires and ⚡️manifesting (not judgmental “law of attraction” stuff) 💖altar building 💖spells (do no harm) 💖witch ethics 💖finding your voice-speaking your truth. 💖grounding grounding grounding! 💖tapping into Mother and Father Spirit energies (all genders hold all expressions) 💖becoming our own unapologetic and independent individuals Concentric Circles of Community We will: 💖learn and practice how to cast a sacred space circle 💖learn and practice how to circle with others in healing and productive ways 💖share and reflect- learn and practice circle style communication skills 💖hold space for each other 💖experience and share leadership 💖learn and practice how to keep circle safe for everyone 💖start with circle agreements to keep the circle in total integrity and so we can all experience brave space This circle is: 💖open t

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