Choose your pricing plan

  • Full Moon Healing

    Every month
    Full Moon Group Distance Healing each month
    • Once a month Full Moon Healing
    • You don't need to be Present to receive!
    • But you can totally be there, in the online group as well!
    • I send Reiki and do a shamanic drum journey for all
    • then I share the story of the healing
    • and send you the recording!
  • Full/NewMoonHealing

    Every month
    Full Moon AND New Moon Distance Group Healing each month
    • Two group Distance Healings per month
    • one on the full moon and one on the new moon
    • you do not need to be present to receive the healing!
    • but you can totally show up online with a group setting too!
    • I send the group reiki and do a shamanic journey
    • I will also start with a guided meditation
    • all in sacred medicine space
    • and then I send you a recording!
  • New moon Healing

    Every month
    Distance Reiki and shamanic journey healing for you
    • New Moon Healing once a month
    • You do not need to be there to receive
    • but you totally can be on the call if you want
    • I do a reiki healing and a shamanic journey for the group
    • and then I send you a recording of the healing
    • always a very enriching experience!
  • Package of 3 60 mins

    3 6o minute massages
    • 6 1 hour sessions

      6 60 mins
      • 6 60 minute sessions
    • 3 90 minute sessions

      3 90 minute sessions
      • 3 90 minute sessions custom for you.