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Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Healing the Witch Wound and Embracing Yourself What is this: a 12 week professionally facilitated community circle experience for women and femmes (online and in person options available) We will Focus on:

🌞connecting with community 🌝the witch wound (you don’t have to identify as a witch to carry this wound 🌛re-member the history of witches and goddess traditions 🌜our own cycles, the moon cycles, seasonal cycles and celebrations 🌚elements and directions 🌕guided journeys to connect with our gifts, make peace with them, and share them with the world 🌖re-wilding; nature and the elements 🌗divination tools 🌘tapping into our deepest desires and ️manifesting (not judgmental “law of attraction” stuff) 🌒altar building 🌓spells (do no harm) 🌔witch ethics f🌙inding your voice-speaking your truth. 🌎grounding grounding grounding! 🌍tapping into Mother and Father Spirit energies (all genders hold all expressions) 🌏becoming our own unapologetic and independent individuals 🪐Concentric Circles of Community We will: 💫learn and practice how to cast a sacred space circle l⭐️earn and practice how to circle with others in healing and productive ways 🌟share and reflect- learn and practice circle style communication skills ✨hold space for each other ⚡️experience and share leadership 🌞learn and practice how to keep circle safe for everyone 🌝start with circle agreements to keep the circle in total integrity and so we can all experience brave space This circle is: 🌛open to women and femmes who feels connected or curious about the witch wound- either in this life or past lives or both 🌜There are two ways and days to participate: Tuesdays online at 6pm pst Wednesday in person 7 pm (with optional earlybird craft time starting at 5:30)

And... look out for my kids magical mystery circles starting nov 3. getting it up on the calander soon 🌚This is a 12 week program- once we gather, we will look at our schedules and work around people’s schedule for holidays and and such, as much as possible. Healing the Witch Wound and Embracing Yourself starts October 25 (online) and October 26 (in person) Cost: $399 Monthly payment plans available $599 for both online and in person versions

  • DROP IN CIRCLE $33 EACH -- Heather Russelle Transformative Therapies


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