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Let Me introduce Myself

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

Hi! I am Heather Russelle, Otter Medicine Woman! I am a healer and a Perfectly Imperfect Feminine Leader.

My Titles are: Shamanic Healer, Intuitive Massage Therapist , Reiki Master , and Circle Leader ,Natural Therapeutics Specialist

Spiritual Coach/Teacher

Cranio Sacral, Polarity, Swedish/Circ, Shiatsu, Refloxology, Myofacial release, Shamanic Healing, Reiki, Circles, Feminine Freedom Release, Sacred Space, Shamanic Journey, Soul Retrieval.

I am Dedicated to Balancing Feminine Energy and Masculine Energy, and really all the energies within. Calling in Love, Raising the Vibration, Releasing what no longer serves us! Freedom is my # 1 value. Living a Soul Aligned life is all I care about, and I want to help you do that Too!

Honoring those who have come before us and those who will come after us. Honoring the elements the directions, above and below and all around us.

We can work together through whatever it is that you are going through, Mind, Body Spirit. Either on the Top Side Realm, or Spirit realms. In Person, or online. 1:1 or Circle

I will help you shine a light onto the shadow, hold space and go there, so we can move through it, and onto the other side. and Heal. Heal the Trauma

I have Deep, Deep compassion, and No Judgement. I will not be shocked by anything I hear.

I Have always been a very sensitive person since I was a wee one. My grandmother would send me to the assisted living home near her house to bring roses to our family friend's mother. I realized from a young age that I wanted to care for people for a living.

I did really well socially as a kid, being a cheerleader since 4th grade, all the way up to senior year in highschool. Being super social was my survival method of choice. But I was a terrible student because I really had no interest in most of the things going on in the class room. I learned from an early age, that, my kind of smarts were not really valued in the classroom. (using my imagination and creativity and daydreaming and expressing myself) 😢 Also I had a lot of chaos in my personal life growing up, and so that made focusing pretty rough for me.

In my Wild Wild 20's, I met my first Healer,(Sumiko, in Seattle) and that is when I knew, that that was what I was meant to be. I just really had no idea How to become a Healer. I had so much wildness to experience first, more depth to the healer I was to finally "become", And most of all more healing for myself. So, I searched and searched and searched.

Set off on a freedom voyage across the country to follow my intuition, follow the guidance of of my soul,and start the path the healer.

I lived in a few different places (Rhode Island, Boston, West Virginia, and New Mexico). on my trip. I would stop and find a friend and then live in a place for a while, and hopefully find a job to save some money so i could take off again. In West Virginia, after helping friends and family recover from a flood, I realized that the best way for me to get started with becoming a healer, was by going to massage school. well, once I realized that, the universe thrust me out of west virginia 3 days later, and I headed to New Mexico where I had a close friend. Ended up getting reiki attuned there, and started my amazing school, New Mexico Natural Therapeutics

Through my life, I was always taught ( like most of us) to be a nice good person who is quiet and doesn't make any waves. But there was so much going on around me that made me deeply angry. And, really no where to safely express it. The only emotion I was allowed to feel was happiness. I am doing a lot of work with anger and rage and love and boundaries and values these days.

anyway, this stuff is just kind of scratching the surface but hey! check it out, and let me know if you have any questions for me!

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