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New Moon Community Distance Healing

Receive Reiki and Shamanic healing ,Wherever you are, on the new moon!

  • free/donation $5-$20
  • San Diego

Service Description

Ok, So, here's how it works: If you want/need healing, or want to experience peace and wisdom from the divine, all you gotta do, is sign up here, or send me an email or text and I will put you on the list. That is the very minimum of what you need to do to receive the healing. and then you can go about your day and not really think about it again. Then, the other ways that you can participate, is you can join the zoom link and be on the zoom healing live as I send reiki and do a shamanic journey for you and the collective, the other people who have signed up to receive the healing. If you are on zoom, you do not have to have your camera on, or you can have your camera on, you can share or just receive. you can go about your business with the zoom in the background, receive the healing and wisdom as you do your dishes or make dinner, or lay down and rest and receive the healing and receive that way. so many ways to receive ! so I will open sacred medicine space, and I will do an opening meditation, then I will send reiki, and then I will do a shamanic journey healing, and then share the wisdom of what I received. Please let me know if you have any questions! Happy New Moon in Virgo today!

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  • San Diego, CA, USA