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About Me

My Story

I am from Northern California where where the redwoods meet the sea, in Humboldt county.  I started to learn a little about natural medicine and magical things, after highschool.  My friend's moms and aunties who showed me some natural remedies, and it really stuck with me.  When I moved to Seattle in my Early 20's, I met a couple more magical people, one in particular, Sumiko, who told me she was a Reiki Healer, and the moment I heard that word, I knew that I was meant to be a Healer.  I had a lot of wild growing to do before I was able to wrap my head around that idea, and when I ran into her 4 years later, she taught me what is still to this day, the basis of what I practice and teach.  So, long story short, I traveled all over the states to try and figure out how to become a 2001 I ended up in New Mexico, became Reiki attuned and started my amazing school The New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics, and graduated in2002.  I have been practicing massage and natural therapeutics ever since!  almost 20 years!  so, now, I am a Reiki master, a Master Massage Therapist, and a Shamanic Practioner.  so, there's a lot to know about what I do, and I will try to explain it the best I can on this site.  I work in person and remotely, one on one, and in groups.I am here to help you connect with your spirit, and live in joy and pleasure!  I Love what I do and I love working with you all.  I accept you and I do not judge you.

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